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Gunes Law Office is home to a prestigious team of experienced lawyers and financial advisors. Each of our team members aims to provide the highest standards of service to our clients and this means dealing with each of our clients individually and providing them with customized legal and financial solutions.

Gunes Law has experience in a wide range of legal fields and offers services in a variety of legal matters. We serve our clients with an experienced staff in areas such as commercial law, criminal law, family law and more.

We aim to provide professional and personalized services to protect our clients' rights and meet their legal needs in the best way possible. We provide reliable and high quality services to our clients by fully complying with the ethical standards required by the law.

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About Us

Güneş Law Office is a law firm that aims to meet the legal needs of individuals and corporate clients at the highest level in the light of the law. Since the day it was founded, we have been providing services by strictly adhering to ethical values in order to guide our clients on the road to justice.

As a team, we aim to provide clear, understandable and effective solutions to our clients in the complexity of legal processes. Our experienced team of lawyers has deep knowledge and expertise in all areas of the Turkish Legal System and responds to the challenges faced by our clients with strategic and innovative approaches.

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

Our Principles

As Güneş Law Office, we are determined to protect the rights of our clients.

Fair, Transparent and Ethical Service

Capacity to Understand Unique Needs

Protecting the Rights of Our Clients

We have the capacity to understand the unique needs of each individual and organisation.

We are committed to providing a fair, transparent and ethical service to our clients.